D U U A L I T Y 
Textile illustration series
A R T ( I )
The 'look' that couldn't be
I originally made this illustration to print it on the fabric of a suit that I would wear at the Lollapalooza Argentina 2020 festival, which was canceled due to the Pandemic.The idea was to represent duality in different ways such as the ideas of "masculinity and femininity", or in the fanciful image of a pagan, half bird, half horse.
P A R T ( II )
The Birthday Look
In 2022 I decided to take up the illustration, change the color palette and readapt it for a new suit that I would wear on the night of my birthday. I also used the illustrations for the invitation and visuals for the party.

P A R T ( III )
The Scarf
In December 2022 I decided to start my own brand, the first product I launched was a scarf with two designs, one of them was a new adaptation. I've always been a fan of Hermés scarves, so that was my inspiration for this new design.


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